María, Eugenia and Carla, three very close sisters talking in a café after breakfast. Carla is somewhat concerned with a subject that drives her crazy at the Complutense University of Madrid. Maria is excited with a boy she has just met, all she does is talk about Pedro; He is an economist, handsome and attentive. They still do not have anything serious and have left only once; but he calls her three times a day and next Friday they have his second date. Eugenia has just bought a cute little dog and is teaching her to do her needs outside the home. He bites the shoes and legs of the chair, but that ball of hair tenderizes her to unsuspected levels. Carla on the other hand does not want to disappoint dad and must study three times to pass math, hopefully and can. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the subject.

Eugenia tells them both that the father’s day is approaching, taking advantage of the fact that they are in a shopping center, they must support each other to buy a gift for dad. María responds that she still does not receive her salary but that she can get a loan of 100 euros in a matter of minutes. You know of an online credit platform that you have used several times and it is phenomenal. Eugenia and Carla are thrilled with the information and both decide to do the same. But Eugenia remembers that due to a calculation error she is in ASNEF and María tells her that it does not matter, in the same way she will approve it even if she is in default. After debating for a while, the three of them decided to ask for a loan of 100 euros and to see how the credit platform works. María appeals for her cell phone and they access the portal.

We lend 100 euros and where to get them

Loan 100 euros

They immediately find a host of credit companies offering their different types of personal loans. They begin to rummage through all the offers on the platform to see which one suits them best. They access the loan simulator of several companies to see how much they have left the quota and the maximum return time of the loan 100 euros. After having the information of the conditions of each company. They choose the loan 100 euros that suits them best. Each of them asks the company with the best conditions for a loan of 100 euros. The company answers affirmatively in a matter of minutes. Each one consigns the collections demanded by the credit company. Immediately you have your loan 100 euros deposited in your bank accounts. Eugenia and Carla undaunted by what has just happened.

They ask María if she is always that fast. María laughs and responds by nodding her head. Already with the money in their bank accounts they begin to plan that they can buy from dad. If each one uses your loan 100 euros and give you three gifts or collect the money of the three and you buy only one. They decide that it is best to see the windows to see what comes to mind. Carla falls madly in love with a leather jacket, dad has one but the wear and the years have done their thing. She stopped being black for years and seems to have been chewed by a dinosaur. Carla uses the loan 100 euros to acquire the wonderful piece of skin. Start thinking that with this gift is likely to forgive Dad if he does not get to pass math in college.

Credit 100 euros for father’s day

María and Eugenia decide to continue in their epic search for the promised gift. Maria tells Eugenia that applying for payday loans online has just swelled the ranks of most of the Spanish, according to the Bank of Spain.. Then they find a watch store and Eugenia reaches her loan 100 euros to buy one with Leather strap and hands, as he likes. But he prefers to keep digging because dad can see the time when he likes, on his mobile. So they continue a good time, they see shoes but they do not know for sure what their size is. They stop for a chocolate ice cream and it makes them envious that Carla has seen the jacket before them, surely Dad will love putting it on every day.

They keep walking and suddenly they see something they are sure to use as nobody else. A small executive refrigerator to cool the beers and place it next to your favorite chair in front of the TV. Yes, that is definitely the best gift of all, they see the price and it costs 204 euros. It is perfect, each puts his loan 100 euros and must add 2 euros more per head. They immediately go to the appliance store and take their useful executive cooler. Dad will be able to watch his soccer games with his frozen beers without leaving his favorite place in the world. María, Eugenia and Carla are happy only to know how happy they will make dad on Father’s Day. They just have to wait anxiously for it to arrive. The product of love for his old man is reflected in the love and commitment to acquire his gifts.