Poste Italiane’s loan is aimed at customers of BancoPosta services and other financial functions of the Poste Group and offers various solutions, depending on the different needs of customers. Poste Italiane has, for some time, started its own activity in the field of insurance and financial services: among the latter, numerous financing solutions stand out. We must immediately underline how the requirements for access to the various loans of Poste are different from one another: not only, as is the case with all loans, every loan requires special economic and capital requirements, but, in the specific case of Poste, it will be also necessary to use other tools of the group, for example the BancoPosta account . We must therefore always carefully check the information regarding the financing of our interest.

The main categories of loans offered by Poste Italiane are the following

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  • the “classic” loans are the most numerous. The BancoPosta Loan allows you to request from 3,000 to 30,000 euros at any Post Office, with a loan period of 12 to 84 months. To apply for the loan it is necessary to be able to prove an income developed in Italy and to present oneself with an identity document, health card and income document (for example the CUD). With the same documents you can request a Flexible BancoPosta Loan , which can have a duration of 108 months and more flexibility on installments. The BancoPosta Mini Loan instead reaches a maximum of 3,000 euros;
  • BancoPosta mortgages, for the purchase and renovation of houses;
  • loans with a fifth assignment for INPS pensioners or public employees, with installments that will never exceed 20% of the pension or monthly salary;
  • BancoPosta online loans , with which to request, through the use of a digital signature, from 1,500 to 30,000 euros, without having to contact a Post Office.

The calculation of the installment

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The loan obviously depends on the characteristics of the loan, the amount received the frequency of the installments and, above all, the interest rate. Also for loans granted by the Poste Italiane group, it is always advisable to use online calculators to determine the weight of each installment, or to calculate how much the interest will amount to. To make the most of these tools, you need to enter little information, such as amount, loan length, interest rate.